Intersections is an initiative to engage immigrant youth, educators, researchers, activists, social workers, policy makers, social service agencies, community-based organizations in a deeper exploration of the overlaps between immigration, gender and Youth. The purpose is to begin conversations across the community boundaries of scholarship and practice that shape the ways immigration and education are broadly understood; and to ultimately impact public policy, service provision and advocacy.
Each April Sauti Yetu hosts a learning symposium to share and network the work of those doing this important work. For more information about the learning symposium click here.
AGEP also publishes a bi-weekly blog that provides analysis and highlights the Intersections, news articles and policies around the country. Click here to learn more >
Make Way!
Make Way! is an interactive toolkit that offers youth workers, service providers, educators and community-based organizations the tools to create spaces for immigrant girls that support their development to engage a diverse world.
The Toolkit and accompanying training offers group facilitators new Spaces for immigrant girls:—Spaces of
  • Belonging
  • Possibility
  • Voice
  • Engagement
Make Way! utilizes an asset-based model that invites young women to utilize the arts to find their voices, carve out spaces to be heard and to negotiate the various cultures to which they now belong.
Make Way! is based on a curriculum created by the Sauti Yetu Center for African Women for use with its Girls’ Empowerment & Leadership Initiative (GELI), an innovative girls’ program based in New York City.
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AGEP provides a variety of trainings to support the work of service, providers, educators and policy makers in addressing the needs of African immigrant youth. Sauti Yetu staff provide trainings tailored to the specifics needs and interests of the institution or agency. For more information on trainings on any of the subject areas listed, complete the form below, or contact Program Director; Ramatu Bangura
• Sex Talk & Culture with African Immigrant Youth
• Curricular Interventions in Support of Immigrant SIFE
• Schooling Challenges Faced by African Immigrant English Language Learners
• Incorporating African Native Language Support Inside & Outside the Classroom
• Religion, Culture & Parenting among African Immigrant Communities
. Gender, Migration and Youth
• Overview of Issues Facing African Immigrant Girls
• Make Way! a curriculum for working with immigrant youth
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